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40 Days for Life Vigil  
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Respect Life Corner
“Now I know brothers, that you acted out of ignorance, just as your
leaders did.”
In Acts of the Apostles, First Reading, Peter is talking to a
large group of Jewish people who gathered after he cured a disabled man
in Christ’s name at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple of Jerusalem. In
Solomon’s Portico, Peter talks of how they denied God’s Holy and Righteous
One and put Him to death. In testifying to Christ’s Resurrection, Peter
calls his listeners (and us) to repent.. When do we act, or don’t act,
out of ignorance to the needs of others, including families?.
Learn, Act, Connect and Pray- Just as Mary suffered as she gazed at her
son on the Cross, following Him until the end, many parents are forced to
watch their sons and daughters struggle and suffer on our own city
streets. Violence, addiction, poverty, gangs and sex trafficking rip too many young men and women from their families, trapping them in cycles of hopelessness and desperation that can be hard to break.
We must go out and meet them where they are,
as Mary set out to meet her son, Jesus, carrying the cross for us. 

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