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Ministers of Hospitality aka Greeters, Ushers, Cleaners


     Ministers of Hospitality have just moments to make a favorable first impression that forever colors a visitors’ and parishioners’ opinion of the church.  Ministers of Hospitality demonstrate authentic interest.  This important task requires that you greet persons for the 15-20 min before Mass.   Ministers of Hospitality assist with greeting worshipers at the door, seating parishioners, collecting monetary offerings, assist with the Communion procession, distribute bulletins and tidy up the Church for the next Mass.  For more information or to become a Minister of Hospitality, please contact Dawn. Volunteers serve only one Saturday or Sunday per month to welcome parishioners, guests and answer questions.  Volunteers of all ages with a big smile are encouraged to call Dawn.

Contact Person.... Dawn Partington- 233-2423

Ministers of Hospitality


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