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     This program supports the sacredness of life from conception to natural death.  Volunteers participate in the phone chain used to encourage people to call politicians regarding urgent issues that protect the sanctity of life.  Volunteers participate in the Life Chain each October.  An individual with computer skills is needed to generate a computer list for the phone chain.  Time commitment varies from 1-2 hours every other month to save the life of a child.  Please consider giving us an hour of your time.

Respect Life Corner

Prayer—in prayer, we acknowledge that God is God (in
charge), and we are not.
Fasting—By fasting, we acknowledge that God alone is all
we need.
Almsgiving—When we give alms, we give to others and
trust that God will provide for all we need.
Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: 1) How will we pray and for
whom shall we pray as a family during this Lent?
2) How shall we fast? Can we fast from gossip, from using
the Lord’s name in vain, from talking back to our parents
or fast from a bad habit?
3) To whom can we show God’s generosity this Lent? How
will we display that generosity?

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An Hour of Prayer

One Sunday in October each year members of St. Henry's Pro-life group gathered in public prayer on Hwy 159 in Fairview Heights, IL for Life and the unborn.  Metro East Life Chain organized an hour of prayer and witness from 2-3 pm.  The Life Chain is a powerful message to those driving by that life is precious and should be protected.


Respect Life Corner
Family Prayer—Praying together as a family is a beautiful
way to increase your family’s relationship with the Lord and
with one another. The Holy Family of Nazareth experienced
both joy and sorrow as do families of today.
Learn. Act, Connect, Pray: In daily family life, Pope
Francis affirmed the importance of speaking key words
within our families: “may I,” please” and “sorry”. We
must use our words to treat every person with dignity and
respect. Pray for healing and reconciliation within families
so that no one feels unloved or unwelcome.