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  Express your creativity and make new friends!  This  very small group of St Henry’s Ladies hand sews beautiful baby quilts with a variety of designs.  The proceeds from the sale of the quilts are donated to St. Henry’s Church.  The Quilters meet on Mondays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in the rectory.  All are welcome.  Please call the rectory office any Monday (233-2423) and ask for the Quilter in charge or call the contact person below for more information.

Contact Person:  Louise Schwartz……..235-0150



If it's Monday then it's quilting time at the rectory for two dedicated women of St Henry's Parish. You will find them working hard on a baby quilts stretched out on a frame in Father Ken's first floor room. These women take their job for the parish very serious, "serious as a heart attack" says quilter Audrey Justus with a smile. This is just one of the delightful exchanges of advice, opinion, stories and wisdom shared by the group. 

These women have stories of quilting experiences that span the last 30 years. The ladies share recipes, and brand names of products that have proven their worth like a bar of ivory soap in the bed to prevent night cramps. Ruth Krausz joined the quilters after she retired. She couldn't remember how long ago that was but she enjoys spending time with the quilting girls every Monday morning. "It is a good way to start the week" she says. Several of the ladies attend 8 am Mass and then come over to the rectory afterward. "We take great pride in our work here for the parish. When we finish a quilt we have show and tell. We all get a chance to admire the beautiful work that has been done with love and care. It is very similar to a runner's high" says Louise Schwartz, the newest member of the group, she has been quilting for 8 years. A song by Bobby Vinton is playing on the radio as the ladies work and stories from the past are shared by one and all. Roses are Red my love, Violets are Blue, we can hear Bobby singing as someone mentions a quilt show at St Paul's Home, that another quilter Helen Moore was telling her about. The quilt was made of flour sacks. Then Audrey remembers when their underwear was made out of flour sacks, some with pretty designs on them. On a usual Monday morning, Theresa Riassetto will regale the group with tales of the adventures to a new restaurant or update the ladies with stories of the family. 

There are ladies in the group with specialty areas, for instance Margaret Toennies is an off site member of the group who trims the quilts and adds the points to these beautiful works of art and Helen Moore does the hemming to finish the quilt. Every quilt is embroidered by one of three ladies, Betty Cerulli, Dolores Redman or Louise Schwartz. The group is looking for a marker and for an apprentice to train in the art of marking a quilt for the areas to be quilted. The ladies pride themselves on the often heavy handed markings of the hearts and stars. They feel this maintains quality in the quilts.

The quilting stitch is a straight stitch, using a needle and thread. The biggest challenge is getting the needle through the full thickness of the quilt, which includes the front panel, the back panel and the batting in between. If a needle breaks or bends it is time for a new needle. If it breaks off in the quilt the quilter must retrieve the broken end and dispose of it. Some words of advice: always use a thimble and put some adhesive tape on your finger tips to protect them from the needle point.

There is a sign hanging from a frog plaque in the quilting room that reads, "Quilters keep you in Stitches" this is true in more ways than one. The "Quilters High" comes from the good company, the beautiful work being done with love and care and great conversation.  

The price of the quilts range from $65 to $85. See quilt display To purchase a quilt contact the rectory 618-233-2423 any Monday.


Below are
QUILTS that have sold!
Call the rectory to 
see the current selection 
available for purchase.

Now I lay me down to sleep

Red hearts and bear


Green 6 panel baby ducks

Peach 6 panel baby ducks

Bear with truck n train


           Yellow 6 panel fisherman