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Social Justice and Peace

Cosgroves Kitchen


Social Justice and Peace

   The purpose of this committee is to work for the elimination of the causes of social problems and strive to alleviate human suffering in the community.  Responsibilities include: outreach programs that respond to the needs of the poor, oppressed and imprisoned, initiation of educational programs concerning the teaching of the Church on social justice, and providing parishioners with information about social justice in the parish.

      The ministries represented by Social Justice and Peace are: Cosgrove’s Kitchen, Crop Walk,
Food Pantry, Giving Tree, Pro Life and St. Vincent de Paul Society


Chairperson:  Pat King...........233-2423


Casseroles for Cosgrove’s Kitchen


     The Casseroles for Cosgroves’s Kitchen project helps to provide food for Cosgrove’s Kitchen in East St. Louis where lunch is served to needy people daily.  Four times a year the Social Justice Committee requests that parishioners prepare a casserole, soup or chili.  Recipes and empty containers are provided after the weekend Masses, and the parishioners return the prepared food frozen to the parish center the following weekend before Mass.  The committee then delivers them to the kitchen the next day. 

     The program has now expanded to include other needed food items such as hot dogs and canned fruit for those who would like to help but don’t have time to cook.


Chairperson:   Pat King..................233-2423