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The Windows of St Henry




The Windows of St Henry Catholic Church


Christ, our God, is the Savior of all mankind.  To draw all men to Himself the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity became man.  Christ, the Redeemer in glory, is represented in the large faceted glass window above the main entrance. He is surrounded by men of every race, the fruits of His redemptive work, accomplished through the Church.

To bring men the fruits of His redemption Christ established His kingdom on earth, the Church.  The history of His church is succinctly told in the nave windows which portray ten different General Councils in the history of the Church.  These windows are particularly appropriate in this Conciliar age, while they do present highlights in the Church's continuous efforts to bring to men the Way, the Truth and the Life.  The struggles involved in fulfilling her mission as teacher, ruler and sanctifier of men and summed up in the councils represented in these windows.

At the bottom of each window and to the right the ship - traditional symbol of the Church - is depicted.  This furnishes continuity in the series, while at the same time serving as a shield to designate the Council which is the subject of the window.  Thus we find, for instance E(cumenical) C(ouncil) I, Nicea 325, The accomplishment , one might call it or the proper summation of the Council is brought out adequately in the Latin phrase appearing on the window.

Our artist has done a remarkable job in telling the story of the Council in pictures.  A wealth of detail is woven into the composite whole as it appears on each window.  We invite you to visit these historic and unusual windows and read the meaning of the symbols of each by clicking on the pic!


Windows of St Henry Catholic Church


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